Payroll costs regularly feature as the largest expense while human resource management equally places an extreme burden on most organisations. Following many years of working in payroll and human resources, we have designed payroll systems which work for our clients. Our vast experience gives us an in-depth knowledge and understanding of payroll administration, HR management as well as current regulations and legislation compliances regarding your employees and payroll matters.

Our payroll function allows you (as business owner) to focus on your core business without concerns about payroll administration, employee remuneration structuring, employees tax (PAYE), UIF and SDL. Our professional payroll experts manage all payroll issues and manage communications with SARS to ensure that your business complies with current legislation and any change in payroll procedures.

Included in our range of payroll services are:

  • Payslip preparation.

  • Monthly payroll reports for management.

  • Submission of monthly and bi-annual PAYE returns to SARS.

  • Submission of monthly returns to the Department of Labour.

  • Submission of employment equity reports to the Department of Labour.

  • We also offer an online payroll solution and online HR solution which is comprehensive for small, medium and large entities. No installation is required as you simply log in via the internet to our online payroll solution.

    Clients are able to run their entire payroll function independently or outsource some or all of their payroll and employee remuneration functions to us.

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